Blog7 - A Growing Addiction: How to avoid Online Gambling Addiction

A Growing Addiction: How to avoid Online Gambling Addiction

Online gambling is a confusing game to play for anyone who doesn’t get it. For those who start to grasp the basics, however, the danger of addiction is ever-present. Getting addicted to online gambling is easier since you can fire it up wherever you may be.

Something to Review

You can check if you’re getting an unhealthy addiction to online gambling. Here are a few things to ask:

Do you absolutely need to play? Gambling is a form of distraction. A welcome distraction it may be, but do you really need to play all time, every time? You should check yourself for these signs and see whether you do have a problem with gambling.

Do you think about gambling all day? There’s not a minute that goes by that you don’t think about rolling the dice or pulling that lever—in fact, there are times when you absolutely must play, or you feel like you should. This is a warning sign of a growing addiction to gambling you shouldn’t ignore, if it does surface.

Do you have an uneasy feeling when not gambling? When you haven’t rolled dice or rotated a roulette wheel—even virtually, online—do you feel complete or not? If you have that nagging, incomplete feeling with you when you play, that’s the time you should acknowledge there’s something wrong.

Does gambling mess your relationships up? Addiction messes up relationships. When you are suffering in your relationships—be it with your significant other or your loved ones—because of gambling, just stop. Check yourself into rehabilitation, because there’s a growing addiction within you that should be fixed as early as now.

Do you gamble as a form of stress relief? Many people have different stress relievers. Most positive forms include taking a walk outside or having a conversation with a friend or your family. If your outlet is gambling, however, just stop. It could be a form of addiction. It would also most likely empty your wallet, adding to your woes.

Do you steal in order to gamble? If you’ve resorted to this then it’s already a severe case. People don’t steal in order to just gamble. If you feel or you have actually stolen money or belongings just to fund gambling, you should take a moment to check yourself and stop it before you wreck yourself any further.

A Bad Place

If you’ve said ‘yes’ to one or more of the questions above, then you’re currently in a bad place. However, you shouldn’t worry; rehabilitation centers exist for just the sort of thing you’re going through. The biggest part of your rehabilitation would be admitting you have a problem.