Blog9 - Off-Track Course: How to create a Good Off-Track Betting Site

Off-Track Course: How to create a Good Off-Track Betting Site

Creating an off-track betting site is basically crafting a gambling site. The betting game that started in the 1970s can be adapted in modern times if you’ve got the knowledge in creating a website for gambling. You do need, however, to take note of a few things.

Off-track betting is a slightly different thing than online gambling, so here’s what you should know.

The Requirements for Off-Track Betting

Contrary to what a few may believe, placing bets in an off-track betting set-up isn’t that hard. Here are how you can make it easier.

A Way to Place Wagers

Your online off-track betting should have information related to betting. You can have information like the racetrack holding the race, race numbers, as well as the amount of wagers and horse names on it. You should also make partnerships with ticketing offices to sell tickets.

Get licensed

Online sites providing betting should get licensed, and there are plenty of countries willing to provide a license. The traditional countries—Malta, Curacao, and Morocco—should readily provide licenses if you can prove that you’re a legitimately serious online betting provider.

Providing the Tools

Off-track betting is slightly different from standard online gaming platforms. To operate one properly, you’re going to need racetrack programs, DRF (daily racing forms), handicap information—the works. If not, you’re going to have a hard time getting people to come back and bet on races. Giving your bettors a fighting chance will be a good reflection of your dedication to making it a fun experience for them.

img4 - Off-Track Course: How to create a Good Off-Track Betting Site

How are the Odds?

Betting on horses is a hard chore, and even harder is taking a guess at a horse even if its odds are 1 to 9. It’s important to provide these odds to bettors to be taken seriously. In horse racing, betting on a horse with no knowledge of the odds is almost comparable to betting blind.

Create an attractive website

It’s more for attracting clientele than a need for horse racing. The reason behind this is simple; an attractive website will attract more customers. Websites that are quickly designed will attract no more than a few laughs and being taken less seriously than the next off-track betting site.

Payment systems

As always, if you’re dealing with money and gambling, you need to have an adequate payment system in place. It’s easier to pick them out nowadays, what with a collection of payment systems and methods of payment available online. Pick out the methods or systems you’re comfortable with or knowledgeable on and use them on your website.

No Easy Work making it Fun

While having fun gambling is easy, providing a fun and secure experience for your visitors is not. There are a lot of factors to consider. If you truly have your clientele in mind, though, creating a great off-track betting site is going to be relatively easy.

Blog8 - Online Winning: Getting Started on Online Gambling the Right Way

Online Winning: Getting Started on Online Gambling the Right Way

Online gambling can be a tricky thing to do at first. Gambling is one thing; risking your hard-earned money by going to sites that have low security is, at best, gambling in a bad way. If you want to focus on the fun and not on how to keep people from stealing your money away, here are a few things you need to know about.

Your Choice: The Gambling Site. There are a lot of gambling sites already live in the web right now. Your choice depends on which games you want to play or games you feel you’re good at. Based on where you are in the world, you also have to abide by the rules of that casino. Casino games, poker, horse race betting and lotteries are just a few of the games you can expect from these casinos.

Your Account: How to Set-up. This won’t be hard to do. The same with any other website, you’re going to be asked for your account name, a password, an email address (one you’ve never used before) and account details regarding where your money is stored. Some websites allow for credit card information while others may have unique options like Bitcoin usage.

Your Money: Depositing an Account. Gambling sites usually offer a lot of payment options, but you should really decide for yourself whether you’re going to give your bank account or use credit cards. Debit and credit cards are recommended, with e-Wallets and prepaid cards also a good payment source, if you find providing your actual bank account number risky.

Your Risk: What to Look Out for. You’re already risking yourself knowingly by gambling. However, you still have to be on the lookout for several things while you do your online transactions. Some of these you should be on the lookout for are:

  • Risk: Delayed or Slow Payment. This is a problem especially for countries with a strict regulation against gambling. However, if you live in a place where gambling—online or otherwise—are legal, you have nothing to worry about.
  • Risk: Restrictions on Cashouts. This is more for the safety of both you and the online gambling casino you’re playing at. Some limit the cashouts at a minimum—say, $2,000 per week or higher—so if you win an amount like $20,000, you’re going to have to wait a little longer to cash it out.
  • Risk: Too-good-to-be-true bonus requirements. Online bonuses are a good way of making you come back to play. Some websites, however, promise you one thing and then give you another. If you see a promise of free money amounting to something absurd, you should hold off on playing.

There are a lot of other things you need to look out for. Casinos will try to cash out any which way they can. If you want to be the one doing the cashing out, you’re going to need to be vigilant.

Blog7 - A Growing Addiction: How to avoid Online Gambling Addiction

A Growing Addiction: How to avoid Online Gambling Addiction

Online gambling is a confusing game to play for anyone who doesn’t get it. For those who start to grasp the basics, however, the danger of addiction is ever-present. Getting addicted to online gambling is easier since you can fire it up wherever you may be.

Something to Review

You can check if you’re getting an unhealthy addiction to online gambling. Here are a few things to ask:

Do you absolutely need to play? Gambling is a form of distraction. A welcome distraction it may be, but do you really need to play all time, every time? You should check yourself for these signs and see whether you do have a problem with gambling.

Do you think about gambling all day? There’s not a minute that goes by that you don’t think about rolling the dice or pulling that lever—in fact, there are times when you absolutely must play, or you feel like you should. This is a warning sign of a growing addiction to gambling you shouldn’t ignore, if it does surface.

Do you have an uneasy feeling when not gambling? When you haven’t rolled dice or rotated a roulette wheel—even virtually, online—do you feel complete or not? If you have that nagging, incomplete feeling with you when you play, that’s the time you should acknowledge there’s something wrong.

Does gambling mess your relationships up? Addiction messes up relationships. When you are suffering in your relationships—be it with your significant other or your loved ones—because of gambling, just stop. Check yourself into rehabilitation, because there’s a growing addiction within you that should be fixed as early as now.

Do you gamble as a form of stress relief? Many people have different stress relievers. Most positive forms include taking a walk outside or having a conversation with a friend or your family. If your outlet is gambling, however, just stop. It could be a form of addiction. It would also most likely empty your wallet, adding to your woes.

Do you steal in order to gamble? If you’ve resorted to this then it’s already a severe case. People don’t steal in order to just gamble. If you feel or you have actually stolen money or belongings just to fund gambling, you should take a moment to check yourself and stop it before you wreck yourself any further.

A Bad Place

If you’ve said ‘yes’ to one or more of the questions above, then you’re currently in a bad place. However, you shouldn’t worry; rehabilitation centers exist for just the sort of thing you’re going through. The biggest part of your rehabilitation would be admitting you have a problem.

Blog6 - The Right Site: Picking out the Best Online Gambling Site among the Rest

The Right Site: Picking out the Best Online Gambling Site among the Rest

Newbies often find themselves in a loss when looking for websites to get their journey into online gambling started. It’s not a bad thing to experience—even experienced gamblers find it hard to choose where they’re going to play for and with money.

A Seriously Fun Problem

It’s not a good problem to have, but it’s a welcome conundrum to try and solve. Learn along the way by trying out some of these suggestions:

Use Gambling Recommendations from Sites

The best—and most trusted—recommendation you’re ever going to get would be from review sites. These sites review gambling platforms for you, the player. If they say that it’s fun and, more importantly, safe, then you shouldn’t worry. They probably know what they’re saying then.

Choose according to your Money’s worth

You’re going to use hard-earned cash to play in online casinos. Chances are you’re also going to lose more than you would normally allow. You should pick the best online gaming platform that you’re comfortable losing money on. Losing it on fun wouldn’t be as bad as when you lost it in a website that hustled you out of it.

Review each option

You can follow this step if you already have a clear picture of what you’re looking for. Are you an experienced gambler? If not, do you already have a game that you know inside and out? Look for websites that have those games you’re familiar with in stock. Only then can you figure out if they’re good or not.

Withdrawal options

Of course, you’re logging onto an online gaming platform to win and bring home the money. Having this only makes money withdrawal all the more important. Usually, good sites will have a trusted or known partner where you can get your winnings. If not, seek other sites that have partnerships with trusted money encashment services.

img3 - The Right Site: Picking out the Best Online Gambling Site among the Rest

Seek reviews

Sometimes, a review coming from an authority or a person who really knows what they’re saying is worth the weight of two review sites. Seek these people and read on what they have to say about the website you’re looking for. Chances are that if a website’s really good, they only have good things to say about it.

Seek good support

Customer support and efficient technical support are often a good combination for websites. You should look for a combination of these in the website you’re planning to play in. It’s a good practice to do before actually signing up for an account.

Get Ready to Win

Once you’ve chosen a website, do a stress test using these tips on it. If it passes, then you’ve got yourself your playground. If not, it’s the web—there are hundreds of other sites, each one promising and better than the other.

Blog5 - Responsibility: Knowing when to Cash in the Chips

Responsibility: Knowing when to Cash in the Chips

There’s a saying that gambling is like peanuts—you never really know when you should stop. This is especially true if you’re a beginner and even long-time gamblers fall to this problem. The best solution to it, however, is to know when to stop.

Here are some suggestions that might work in your favor and lead you to that big win.

Never gamble to make money. Some people gamble to have fun, and some people gamble to win money. There are those who take it to the next level and gamble to MAKE money. This is not a good thing. You’ll lose more than you make, at first, and even after some time you’re going to lose big. Learn to appreciate your winnings so you learn your limit.

Never chase after losses. Learn to accept losses as part of your journey toward becoming a decent gambler. If you learn to accept it, it’s easier to let go. Some people never really accept losses and try to win it back through gambling some more. These people end up losing more than they can.

casino - Responsibility: Knowing when to Cash in the Chips

Be cool about it. When playing for the first time, or even when you’re playing for a long time, always act as if you’ve already played before. Learn to keep a cool, level head. The biggest mistake you can make is to be too excited and end up betting more than you can handle.

Learn from the best.The best people to learn from would be the people who’ve been gambling for a long time. To learn how to play with a level head, observe the other players, if you’re playing in an online gaming store. Otherwise, you can read up on their suggestions online.

Know your limits. Remember that everything has limits, and gambling has it even more so. A lot of people don’t know when to quit and ends up losing their entire livelihood. You don’t want that to happen to you, certainly, so learn when to say no and mean it.

Know that alcohol and gambling = addiction. Never mix alcohol and gambling together. When you’re drunk, you lose focus; you make foolish decisions. This is a bad, bad thing to do, especially when you’re gambling. You might end up betting bad and losing bad—two things that you really don’t want to experience ever.

Following these tips is already a big win for you. The icing on top of the cake would be to become a gambler and never having to experience the bad side of it. Gambling should be fun and not another source of stress.

Blog4 - Technical Gambling: What to Use in Creating a Gaming Platform

Technical Gambling: What to Use in Creating a Gaming Platform

In gambling, you usually lose more money than you make. However, if you know your programs and you know how to create a gambling website, then you can turn it the other way around. You even get to know what happens behind the scenes at an online gaming website.

Something has to start somewhere. This is how most gaming websites start out:

Taking care of legalities|

Whenever you’re starting something related with gambling, you absolutely have to make it legal. Gambling is not recognized legally in most countries and you wouldn’t want a lawsuit on the first day your online gaming website goes live. Learn to be patient and take care of the licenses before going live with your plan.

img - Technical Gambling: What to Use in Creating a Gaming Platform

Creating/Buying a custom-made platform|

There are two things you have to consider—buying a ready-made platform, or creating your own custom platform. You can buy one if you have the money, and you’ll be getting full control of it—the source code, the software, even the design. However, if you do have the knowledge, you can bypass all of that just by creating your own website from scratch.

Making your site unique|

It’s not impossible for others to have the same idea as yours. You want to create a gambling website? Fine, so do they. It’s easy, however, to set your gambling website apart from the others if you already have an idea of what you want. Research and create a clear picture if you want to create a website that will make a mark because of its uniqueness, not its similarity to others.

img2 - Technical Gambling: What to Use in Creating a Gaming Platform

Making your site up-to-date|

One of the biggest concerns of people these days are updates to a website. If your gaming platform looks like it was pulled from the 90s, that might make it look unique—but not in a good way. You might pay a little or not, but always aim for getting your website the best upgrades and patches money can buy. You’ll be getting it back later, anyway.

Creating your proposal|

One of the final things you need to do is to make a proposal. Of course, you’ll need a backer; one of the reasons why you created the website is to make some money. Convince your backer or partner about the viability of the website. Make a guarantee that it’ll be guaranteed money for the both of you, and deliver on that promise.

That’s how you create an online gaming platform in a nutshell. The best thing to have when creating a website is your original idea. It will be a lot easier if you already have a picture of what you want the website to do and how you want it to earn.

Blog3 - Surprising Positivity: The Good found in Gambling

Surprising Positivity: The Good found in Gambling

There is a good side to everything; one only needs to look for it. Even in gambling, there’s a positive side that tends to be overlooked. Everyone only sees the harmful effects and it’s hard not to. However, there are a few silver linings in it that are legitimately helpful.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

If you have trouble controlling your bets, you’re not going to see even one of these surprisingly helpful benefits of gambling.

It’s economical.

Most people don’t realize that gambling is responsible for creating a lot of opportunities for money to roll in. In a city, most of that money can be used to fix infrastructure or create more jobs for people. Gambling, in effect, also creates opportunities for people to be hired.

food - Surprising Positivity: The Good found in Gambling

It creates more jobs.

Did we say it creates more jobs? Gambling—be it physical structures or online casinos—is responsible for giving work in places or areas there normally aren’t. Casinos need dealers and operators and many more personnel. It could lead to single-handedly creating a working economy in a town.

More places to enjoy.

Each of us has a unique object or event which we enjoy. In the case of some people, they enjoy spending time in a casino or gambling online. It’s not bad if they don’t really empty the bank in playing. Besides, they get to create an opportunity to release some pent-up stress and create experiences.

More chances to connect.

Don’t you wonder why you always see the elderly at casinos? Most of them would prefer the real thing to the online world simply because it lets them be with their peers. Some elder people would go to casinos because they can meet up with their friends there. It’s a tool for communication and camaraderie as well.

bond - Surprising Positivity: The Good found in Gambling

A time to relax.

This is one thing that the elderly and some people share—casinos help them relax. After a long stressful day, the sound of coins falling and lights beeping can be comforting. To some, it may also bring back colorful memories. To each their own, as it goes; some of us only happen to find it relaxing to be in a casino.

A time to bond.

Some families find casinos comforting for the very reason that it helps them relax. Like some people, some casinos provide the elusive feeling of calm that most people only ever search for, but don’t find. The same is true for some families. It might be a long delayed trip or anything, but the casino represents rest.

A Variety of Reasons

Whatever the reason is for people’s smiles while spinning the roulette or playing the slot machine, casinos do have a positive side to them. Don’t abuse it, and you’ll find how positive it could be.

Blog2 - Billion Dollar Industry: The Success Story provided by Gambling

Billion Dollar Industry: The Success Story provided by Gambling

There are a lot of things wrong about gambling, but there can be a great deal right about it especially if looking at the money it brings and the benefits to the economy. Crazy as it might seem, but here’s why gambling is good for business:

A Huge Boon in Employment. Let’s face it—a lot of people have gone unemployed over the years. Casinos have provided them with a positive chance at regaining their confidence. It has provided jobs where there was none.

Revenues by the Billions. It can’t be denied that casinos account for at least $81 billion in revenue. About a third of that alone comes from casinos which are Native American in nature.

tax - Billion Dollar Industry: The Success Story provided by Gambling

A lot of taxes from the Casinos. People pay taxes and the government uses them. When casinos pay taxes, it’s by the billions; that’s a whole lot of money and it can be used on a lot of projects.

Economic impact to the tune of an explosion. The direct effect of casino gaming on employment can be likened to a bomb; it creates a splash effect where billions of dollars can be taken. This money can be used for a lot of things, most of it a help to people.

econ - Billion Dollar Industry: The Success Story provided by Gambling

The economy moves. As people move, so do casinos and gambling. This accounts for an exodus of money across states. It also means progress as taxes are paid and money from the casinos is used on the states’ projects.

When you think about it, casinos and the games have been designed for the enjoyment of people. It only becomes bad when you get addicted to it to the point that it controls your life. But if you learn to control it, you’ll see that it does, after all, provide some sense of positivity.

Blog - The Jackpot: Stories of Winners and How they tricked the House

The Jackpot: Stories of Winners and How they tricked the House

A lot of times, you may lose money and think that online casinos and gambling games are out for your money. However, some people just have all the luck, and here are their stories to prove it.

The cocktail waitress

It was just a normal day for this waitress at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas. Little did she know that she would be walking out of that casino $34 million richer. It was a Megabucks machine that gave her the shot at becoming a millionaire.

old - The Jackpot: Stories of Winners and How they tricked the House

The elderly woman

This grandmother was just enjoying her time at a craps table in Atlantic City. What transpires next is an unbelievable statistic of how $10 can get you 154 won throws. It’s just luck; so she says, given how impossible it was to win that amount of throws.

The actor namesake

It pays to have your wits about you when entering casinos. In the case of this man, he negotiated with the house to pay him 20 percent of the paybacks for every high-rolling spree he did in their casino. Talk about the house being played.

old2 - The Jackpot: Stories of Winners and How they tricked the House

The proud grandfather

It’s one thing to be proud of your family; it’s another to bet on them. This grandfather bet that his grandson would play in the World Cup—the grandson was a part of the national team—and the house agreed to 2500:1 odds. A good amount, especially if you won.

The moon walker

Just about anything can be betted on, including man’s landing on the moon. This man bet 1000:1 that humanity will waltz onto the lunar atmosphere before 1971. To his pleasant surprise—perhaps—man did walk on the moon. He has JFK to thank for his winnings.

It’s fun to read these success stories, but know that gambling should only be done in jest. It’s important to note that life is the biggest gamble of all—a bet you must absolutely win.