About Qapacity

about - About Qapacity

Qapacity’s service is built on four pillars.

A Service Promotion Tool// We provide services to clients who are looking for someone to spread the word about their business. Informing clients and partners about new innovation in the business is also included in that package.

Built on Personal Recommendations// Someone did a job well done, and it’s a shame to keep that person to you. The website believes in the power of personal recommendations. People get the chance for more work while the people who are looking for help get the right aid.

With Dedication to Promoting, Sharing, and Contracting Web Services// Social media is big today and we recognize this. As an added feature, our websites are synced to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Services can be added Easily// One does not need to be a webmaster when editing our customized website. It is easily editable, pages can be added without any prior web design knowledge, and it is hosted and optimized by our company.

Qapacity is also maintained by a group of individuals who know their scripting and coding. The company is run by Andrew, Lasse, Daniel, Tomy, Julian, and Ina. Their knowledge in the Internet is comparable to that of a geek with a love for every single byte.

Qapacity is also backstopped by Grupo Intercom and is based in Barcelona.